Do you, while drinking, do it by wanting to become alcoholics? Hardly anyone will answer this question affirmatively, even the alcoholics themselves. And indeed, if they think about their first contacts with alcohol, none of them wanted nor could they imagine becoming an alcoholic. They believed in a well-known misconception that it can not happen to them and that they are stronger than alcohol. Unfortunately, they underestimated the opponent.

alcoholismThe alcoholism goes slowly and seamlessly. First, alcohol is consumed at so-called. “socially permissible” way, which means occasionally 1-2 glasses of alcoholic beverages. Initially, alcohol consumption is aimed at achieving a pleasant mood; it is used by tense people who are in need for relaxation, in puberty it is used to prove yourself, gaining false power and self-confidence. According to our customs – weddings, parties, birthdays, funerals, everything is followed by excessive consumption of alcohol and rarely who sees something bad in it. The story, unfortunately, does not go on in such a happy tone.

Alcohol, like any other drug, causes the increase in tolerance among people who often consume it. This means that it is necessary to constantly increase the amount of alcohol intake to achieve the desired effect. Thus, seamlessly, arriving “pleasant mood,” we increase the amount of alcohol consumed. At one point – without any notice, a person becomes addicted to alcohol and no longer drinks from pleasure alone, but just because he/she have to.

Can alcoholism be won?

Alcoholism is a disease that is regularly being treated. There is nothing to be unsure about; it is quite normal to seek help when you are in need of it, or even when you think nothing is wrong but your life is just not fitting you quite right. This means that it is possible to help an alcoholic and his family to get out of this vicious circle. The steady life is possible for anyone, and everyone has strength in them, it is just that sometimes people need help recognizing where their true strength is, and how to use it.